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What is Regenerative Braking?2 min read

Dec 2, 2022 2 min
Regenerative Braking

What is Regenerative Braking?2 min read

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In a traditional car, you have one set of brakes: the ones that use friction to slow down your vehicle. These brakes are not regenerative. They wear down over time, and they need to be replaced.

Many components, including brakes, are shared between an EV and a gas-powered car. Electric vehicle brakes, on the other hand, do not operate the same way since EVs employ regenerative braking, resulting in fewer brake maintenance visits to the workshop.

Regenerative braking is when you use the motor to slow down the vehicle. This happens automatically as part of your normal driving, but you can also engage it directly by pressing the pedal.

When you’re driving, your car’s battery stores energy that’s used to power the motor. That energy then gets used up to move your car forward and backward—and if you want to slow down or stop your car, that energy has to go somewhere.

In an EV, it goes back into charging up the battery! That means that when you press on your brakes, it’s actually charging up your battery.

The majority of hybrid and all-electric cars include regenerative braking as a feature. It converts the kinetic energy of braking into electrical energy, which charges the high-voltage battery of the car. Regenerative braking slows the car down as well, which facilitates the use of traditional brakes.

With a normal braking system, friction between the brake pads and rotors causes a car to slow down. When it comes to saving energy, this strategy is quite ineffective. When you apply your brakes, most of the kinetic energy moving your automobile forward is wasted as heat. That is a lot of wasted energy!

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