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Nashville’s New Smart Parking Meters3 min read

Dec 6, 2022 2 min
Nashville's New Smart Parking Meters

Nashville’s New Smart Parking Meters3 min read

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The City of Nashville is working on removing the many coin-operated parking meters it has. They will now be replaced with smart kiosks that let people make payments through text, credit card, and cash. Nashville’s New Smart Parking Meters will correlate with stronger, more regular enforcement of the city’s existing street parking restrictions. Text, QR code, credit card, phone app, cash, and coins will be accepted at the kiosks.

According to state law, those with handicap badges will still be able to park for free in metered spots as long as they stay within the stipulated parking time limitations.

Metro officials anticipate that the new meters, along with more frequent street parking enforcement, will dramatically increase the city’s parking meter earnings. The city’s street parking meter system took in a maximum of $1.18 million each year during the past five years. Metro anticipates that the new initiative will generate closer to $2.85 million in its first year.

This new meter will allow you to pay for your parking from your phone, as well as alert you when your time is running low. It also allows you to add more time remotely, so if you arrive at the beginning of a two-hour meter, but don’t have any change on hand, no problem! Just add more time from the comfort of your car.

To top it all off, the new meters will be solar-powered and self-charging, so there’s no need for any additional infrastructure—just put them out there and let them do their thing.

Nashville’s New Smart Parking Meters are a lot more accurate than the old ones, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much or getting a ticket because your meter ran out while you were still at work. The new meters also have a feature where you can pay by phone instead of having to go into your car every time you need some change.

Some people think that this is going to be bad for businesses because it will make it easier for people to park in front of their shops or restaurants without having to pay for it. But others say that this is actually good for business because people won’t feel like they’re being ripped off when they find out how much it costs them to park their cars there every day!

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Optimizing Parking

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