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Earn more with In-App Promotions in a Parking Web App3 min read

Mar 16, 2023 2 min

Earn more with In-App Promotions in a Parking Web App3 min read

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It’s true that there’s an app for everything these days and parking is no different. Every big operator out there has their own parking app, which is why it’s difficult for traditional parking lots to catch up with tech-driven, digitized car parks.

Get My Parking solves this by helping operators launch a custom-branded parking app for their customers. It even comes with a touchless QR-based solution to help you digitize car parks at a minimal cost.

However, having an app out there is not enough in an industry flooded with competitors trying to grab your parker’s attention. Marketing your parking app is crucial if you want to retain your existing customers and attract new users. This is why you need to create offers and discounts that appeal to your customers and market it to them at the first point of contact.

This is why GMP now lets operators create in-app promotions that are visible to users of their parking web app. This feature allows parking businesses to create an entirely new revenue stream by reaching out to users as soon as they scan the QR code to start their parking session.

This feature comes as a part of GMP App, a versatile solution that helps operators launch custom-branded consumer touchpoints at a fraction of the cost and resources it would take to develop them from scratch.

Parkers can scan a QR code at the parking location to access the custom web app through which they can create a session and pay for parking. The ads appear on the web app home page so that the user is informed about all the services and offers they can avail while they are near the parking facility, making them likelier to purchase something.

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  • Earn more from your partnerships

If you’re a parking business partnered up with local retailers, you can create custom offers and coupon codes that your retail partners can purchase in bulk and distribute to their visitors. These offers, along with monthly permits and value-added services, can be promoted through these in-app promotions in a parking web app.

To maximize your earnings, you can sell these ad spaces to sponsors like your local retail partners. You can add the images and text they provide so that the ad is customized to your partner’s liking. These sponsored ads can be arranged in the order of their commission, helping you make the most of your partnerships.

  • Highly customizable

The ads appear on a catchy carousel that the user can scroll through and explore. The display image and the ad copy can be customized in just a few steps. You can link each ad to the webpage from where the user can avail the advertised service. It’s also possible to create location-specific ads so that revenue is maximized across your portfolio.

  • Easy to create and manage

Our powerful dashboard makes it a breeze to create custom offers and promo codes through a versatile Discount Module. It’s just as easy to create catchy in-app advertisements that can be customized to expire at a certain time. You can easily track all the ads that are live at the moment through the dashboard, through which you can edit or take them down in just a few clicks.

Make the most of your parking web-app with in-app promotions!

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