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Experts Fear that Heavy EVs May Damage Deteriorating Parking Lots2 min read

May 12, 2023 2 min
heavy EVs in deteriorating parking lots

Experts Fear that Heavy EVs May Damage Deteriorating Parking Lots2 min read

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With the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the United Kingdom, experts are concerned that heavy EVs in deteriorating parking lots may increase the chances of collapse. To keep this from happening, structural engineers and parking lot consultants are urging increased maintenance and stronger load-bearing capacity for multi-level parking garages.

Due to the batteries required to power them, electric vehicles are significantly heavier than their conventional counterparts. According to Chris Whapples, a structural engineer and car park consultant, some of the early parking lots in poor condition may not be able to accommodate the weight of these vehicles.

The UK government wants at least 50% of automobiles to be electrified by 2030, with ultra-low emission vehicles accounting for up to 70% of new car sales. Whapples and Russell Simmons, chair of the British Parking Association’s structures section, have proposed new guidance that suggests putting additional load-bearing weights to aging parking spaces to better adapt to the weight of electric cars. According to The Telegraph, these guidelines will be released in the coming weeks.

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The weight of electric vehicles is an issue not only for parking lots but also for road safety. Earlier this year, the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board in the United States expressed concern about the safety of electric vehicles in crashes with lighter vehicles.

Despite these reservations, the energy efficiency and promise of a more ecologically-responsible means of transportation continue to increase the popularity of electric cars among drivers. However, owners continue to confront issues, such as driving range and the time required to recharge the car’s battery.

As the UK pushes for a greener future with electric automobiles, the accommodation of heavy EVs in deteriorating parking lots becomes a pressing concern. By increasing maintenance efforts and implementing new guidelines, the country can reduce the risk of collapses and make EVs a safer and more viable option for UK drivers.

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